Membership Categories
Active Membership:
Membership dues are $100 annually.
An active member is one who meets one of the following criteria for membership:
  • An individual who is directly employed in management or administrative support services by an entity formally organized to provide or facilitate the provision of healthcare services.
  • An individual employed by a management organization, hospital/health system, practice management firm or other business entity responsible for managing any operational component(s) of an entity providing healthcare services. This includes consultants who are responsible for operations of one or more practices on an ongoing basis.
  • Healthcare providers/clinicians who hold an active license in the state are also considered active members.
Note: Active Members who are engaged in the sale of products or services to health care organizations are prohibited from soliciting other members unless they also retain a separate Affiliate membership.  
Affiliate Membership:
Membership dues are $250 per year.
Affiliate Members are organizations or individuals which provide products and services directly to health care delivery organizations. Examples of these are accounting/financial services, legal or consulting services, data processing or information management systems/services, insurance plans/agents, HMOs or like entity, medical systems/suppliers; or an organization or individual that provides health care services by non-physician providers such as physical therapy services, home health services, ancillary services, etc. Affiliate members cannot vote, hold office or serve on committees.
Student Member
Membership dues are $25 per year.
An individual who is pursuing a healthcare or business-related degree at an accredited institution of higher learning and does not qualify for any other member category.
(please note that Student Members must be prepared to provide Arkansas MGMA a copy of their valid and current Student ID card as requested in order to confirm enrollment).